Michigan Ex Post Facto Ruling Watch a video conference for Michigan registrants, held Feb. 17 with ACLU Senior Attorney Miriam Aukerman, Oliver Law Group Attorney Alyson Oliver, and Paul Reingold to learn updates for registrants after the ruling Feb. 14.From the ACLU of Michigan website UPDATE:On Feb. 14, U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland ruled to provide relief for registrants on the Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act. Judge Cleland ordered that if the legislature does...

Ex Post Facto Win

U.S. District Court rules against Michigan sex offender law This from the ACLU of Michigan's website: “We urge the Michigan Legislature to focus on what actually works to reduce sexual offending,” said Paul Reingold, law professor at the University of Michigan and co-counsel on the case. “The legislature will now need to overhaul the SORA law, and can do so is a way that is rooted in research...

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center February Newsletter Link Here are some highlights of what is included in this edition of the newsletter: United States v. Hines (Dist. R.I.) Revocation of Supervision State v. Bouchard (Vt.) Conditions of Supervision Thomas v. Blocker (3rd Cir.) Adam Walsh Act | Duty to Register | Federalism Click here to read the complete newsletter.

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