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Justice Center Report — New Report Combines Unprecedented Data Analyses, Case Studies to Help States Reach Public Safety Goals

Justice Reinvestment

Visit this interactive website with detailed reports on general criminal justice issues across the United States and information specific to each state. Here is a brief introduction directly from the Council of State Government — Justice Center’s interactive website:

Justice Reinvestment is a data-driven approach to improve public safety, reduce corrections and related criminal justice spending, and reinvest savings in strategies that can decrease crime and reduce recidivism.

From the Nevada Report

In 2007, Nevada’s prison population was projected to grow 61 percent by 2017. High failure rates among people on probation contributed to the growth in prison admissions. Community-based behavioral health treatment was often unavailable or inaccessible for people involved with the criminal justice system. From 2007 to 2008, the CSG Justice Center worked with Nevada state leaders to analyze criminal justice data, interview stakeholders from across the criminal justice system, and develop data-driven policy options designed to reduce corrections spending and increase public safety. Signed into law in 2007 Nevada’s justice reinvestment legislation…

Nevada Report

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