Out of a town called Beckley, in a state called West Virginia.

So much divided commentary in today’s USA. This is a good example of slanted, biased reporting. This author/reporter/editorial writer has a strong opinion that once you make a mistake in life, you do not deserve any humanity.

Apparently calling someone released from prison a “Returning Citizen” is some left wing joke according to this writer.

You can read this example of right wing nonsense here.

For men and women leaving prison and integrating back into society, the language used to describe them can oftentimes perpetuate harmful stigmas and make their transition even more difficult.

Prison Fellowship equips, “wardens, prison staff, and volunteers, including men and women serving time, to create safer, more rehabilitative prisons that prepare prisoners to return to their communities as good neighbors.”

Read this article about the organization, Prison Fellowship, here.

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