Chain link fencing with barb wire and tattered American flag

Vera Institute of Justice has a wealth of information through their project, Ending Mass Incarceration. It is divided into four action areas, as follows.

  1. Reducing the Use of Jails
    1. Treatment not Jail
    2. Bail and Pretrial
    3. Stories and Data
    4. Promoting Racial Equality in Prosecution
    5. Local Models
  2. Bringing Dignity to Life Behind Bars
    1. Higher Education
    2. Reimagining Prison
    3. Solitary Confinement
    4. Lessons from Abroad
    5. Sexual Assault
    6. Young Adults
  3. Providing Second Chances
    1. Housing
    2. Post-Secondary Education
  4. Scoping the Problem
    1. Trends
    2. System Analysis

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