A story that rarely gets published, even rarer to have so much detail about Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry, law enforcement, unconstitutionality of sex offender laws, and more. Read this article by reporter Danny Wicentowski published by Saint Louis Riverfront Times

Vicki Henry & WAR
During Women Against Registry’s first national conference, Vicki Henry ​urges ​attendees to “find their voice” as activists.

Vicki Henry Is Fighting to Reform the Way Missouri Treats Sex Offenders

Four hours into the armed standoff, the narrow residential street in Arnold is crowded with police cruisers, ambulances and SWAT trucks. Two TV news crews set up in someone’s front lawn, training their camera lenses on a boxy armored personnel carrier parked outside a one-floor duplex on West Highview Drive.

A TV reporter relays in a breaking news update that federal officials would not release any information about the suspect, only that the man is believed to be armed and that FBI agents arrived at the home around 7 a.m. to serve a search warrant for “a court-authorized law enforcement purpose.”

A neighbor evacuated from her home sits on a lawn chair in a patch of shade, smoking a cigarette. Yes, she says, she knows the woman who lives in the duplex. She doesn’t mention the woman’s name, but it’s Vicki Henry.

“We’d just chitchat at the mailbox,” the neighbor says. “She told me a while back, ‘I have one of my sons staying with me. It’s a shame, a divorce situation.'”

Read the full thought provoking article by reporter Danny Wicentowski 

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