Wilkie D Ferguson Jr US Courthouse
Southern District of Florida

Plaintiffs are five registrants whose offenses were committed before the first version of FSORNA was enacted in October 1997. They have long since completed their sentences, including probation. They have not since been arrested or convicted of any substantive offense, let alone a sexual offense, and represent virtually no risk of sexual reoffense. They seek to be free from (1) the everincreasing punitive impacts of a statute and amendments enacted after their offense dates, (2) arbitrary and unreasonable deprivations of their liberties, (3) the irrebuttable presumption that they represent grave danger to the public for at least 25 years, and (4) minimum-mandatory GPS-monitoring for strict liability violations of a vague statute. They bring this action for declaratory relief and seek to enjoin enforcement of FSORNA against them.

CASE: 1:18-cv-24145-XXXX

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