Over 100 Sex Offenders sue Idaho over constitutional challenges

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The constitutional challenge is on the following grounds:

  • Due Process: Assessed new restrictions without a trial.
  • Equal Protection: Burdens an unpopular group of citizens.
  • Religious Freedom: Restricts some offenders from attending church services.
  • Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Excessive punishment imposed by community notification.
  • Double Jeopardy: New conditions placed on offenders after conviction.
  • Contracts: New non negotiated conditions placed after plea agreements.
  • Takings: Residential restrictions place property ownership rights and right to domicile.
  • Separation of Powers: Change prior judgement without reopening the original trial case.
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1 thought on “Idaho Sex Offenders Challenge State Registry Laws

  1. Studies indicate that there are many false assumptions regarding the effectiveness of registry laws in the US. These constitutional challenges are an important aspect of reform and might go a long way of enhancing public safety and creating a rational approach to criminal justice. NcNeil v State(NV) has shown that the over-reach of administrative bodies was checked, now this action adds to the debate over the confusing divide between perceptions, constitutional law, and public safety realities. Hopefully, reason will prevail in the conclusions reached, supported by current research in the fields of social sciences, criminal justice, and psychology.

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