9 thoughts on “Nevada Attorney General’s Office Advisory Committee to Study Laws Concerning Sex Offender Registration (7093) – August 12, 2016

  1. Watched it and it was the most encouraging thing I may have ever witnessed on the subject! Incuded one of the main proponents of the bill back in 07 saying that it was a mistake and the system that was (is – seeing that AWA has been stayed this whole time) is better than what it would become.
    Juvenile portion is getting changed for sure and other more sensible portions coming too.
    look forward to discussing it on the call!

  2. Watched the entire video and it is very encouraging to see members of the committee actually admit that they have made mistakes in their attempts to push this AWA through.
    Alina Shell did a wonderful job of hitting several points that make this law very punitive. There is hope.

  3. Also watched the entire video and applaud the common sense approach many of these advisory board members, Judge William Voy, and Nevada Dept. of Public Safety voiced in dealing with this sensitive issue. While the present mathematical system the state of Nevada uses in determining the risk of recidivism may not be entirely perfect it certainly is effectual. Not only in properly classifying the offender but meeting the requirements for the federal funding provided to the state by the AWA. Which is what this really is all about.

  4. A couple years ago, the NV Supreme court did not take up the issue with any urgency because the plaintiffs and state agreed to delay arguments until after the legislative session. When the governor vetoed SB99 (thankfully), the Supreme Court heard the case in a matter of weeks.
    We should be optimistic that this will happen this time around as well, but must not assume so blindly.
    Legislators need to have topics for their upcoming legislation submitted in the next couple weeks.

    You NEED TO CALL AND/OR WRITE YOUR STATE REP AND SENATORS ASAP. Have your friends and families do the same! They are never told about the cruel impact these scarlet letters have on family members of registered citizens; they only hear from people who want it to be worse on us (even though they say it’s not a punishment).
    All are in agreement that these laws need re-written. Some just want to re-write them to eliminate the need to be fingerprinted every 3 months because of the added expense. For them to do even this much means that the law will be altered, so we MUST NOT miss this opportunity to add our input in the new legislation.

    My take: since being smarter on this is perceived as pro-sex offender, politicians need cover for when they face re-election. I propose we should encourage stiffer penalties for repeat offenders and stop punishing people who have not reoffended whenever a sex offender does reoffend or when someone not on the registry does something horrible. We can ask for this or let them do all that and then some to all of us, or maybe some of you have better ideas yet.

    We need to organize and we need to be heard, because none of us will like what continues to be piled on us as we sit in silence. We need to hear from you and we need to have your help to stop this kaleidoscopic system of suffering being piled on our families with every new session and court decision!

  5. As a former offender, it happened almost 34 years ago, and a tier 1, they want to put me as a tier 3 offender subjecting my family to harm. I say this is b/s. I did my time and have shown to be a good law-abiding citizen as have most other former offenders. This bill ab579, or Adam Walsh Act, must be stopped.

  6. As the wife of an offender, I feel the AWA is a ridiculous & discriminatory law. My husband was guilty of indecent exposure in 1963 in CA. He served 3 years probation & has never recommitted. In 1966, at the termination of his probation; the judge changed his plea from “guilty” to “not guilty” & dismissed the charges. After nearly 20 years as NV residents, we are being persecuted & punished again for a misdemeanor crime that was already addressed. The most recent insult comes from the DMV which after saying he would be issued a driver’s license for 4 years; only issued it for 1 year but still charged the full fee. As a senior, he is already subjected to a discriminatory fee as he is not charged half the rate for an 8 year license, but only given a “senior” discount. I am being included in this discrimination as my vehicle can no longer be registered on-line. I must go in person to the DMV. My house is now shown on the internet as the residence of a sex offender. For the entire tenure as residents of NV; we have been responsible citizens; yet now, we are treated as criminals.

  7. These Laws are so against our Constitution and everything this Country is made up from. Watching my rights of Expost Facto being thrown away!!!!! Watching them practically burn our Constitutional Rights in front of us!!! Wow!!!! Shame on All of those who have anything to do with it!!!

  8. I also am an ex-offender. My conviction was 1984. I did my parole clean, lived trouble free, stood the straight and narrow till I made the mistake of moving to Nevada. I moved here in 1999 11 years as a tier 1 and am now a tier 3. The legal system has let us down and violated our rights. Shame on these phony politicians who stand back and pin medals on themselves.

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