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Ruling Affirms Constitutionality of Adam Walsh Act


Carson City, NV – Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced that his office obtained a favorable ruling from the Nevada Supreme Court regarding Nevada’s sex offender registry. The ruling allows Nevada to implement Assembly Bill 579 (AB 579) from the 2007 Legislative Session, which aligns Nevada’s sex offender registration laws with the federal requirements of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

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NV Department of Public Safety to start enforcing this law on October 1, 2018.

3 thoughts on “NV Attorney General Obtains Favorable NV Supreme Court Ruling

  1. I am a proud Nevadan of 25 years and married to a wonderful man who was put on the registry in 1991. He had a few years left go as a Tier 2 offender, because after 25 years the record can be sealed. With this law change, he will now have to be registered for life as a Tier 3 offender since each offender is getting moved up in tier. Moreover, now Nevada’s registry will have a huge effect October 1. My husband has had a clean record since the night of the incident in 1989. He served 7 years in NSP and was raped multiple times. How much does 1 person have to pay throughout their life? We are contributing members of society, work, own a home, pay our taxes and have 2 beautiful children who will also suffer. Honestly, I am starting to give up hope. We are absolutely desperate for help but no attorney will touch our case. Shouldn’t a person after 20 years deserve a second chance? Frustrated in Reno, NV..

  2. Unfortunately, the Adam Walsh Act, as written and enacted by the US government, does not give sex offenders a second chance. This class of US citizen is treated differently than others who made a mistake and broke the law. Two separate classes of ex-offenders; regular ex-offenders and sex-offenders. Serial rapist and serial pedophiles aside, every citizen should be given a second chance in our society. Adam Walsh Act takes away any chance of a second chance to be a contributing member of society for many ex-offenders and singles them out for special public scrutiny without the evidence to back up this need. Public safety is not served correctly by the Adam Walsh Act and many citizens are forced into a second-class status without due cause.

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