Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point

Rose, Justin P. (2017) "Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point: Why a Return to an Individualized Approach and a Restoration of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Will Better Serve the Governmental Goals of Registration and Protect Individual Liberties from Unnecessary Encroachments," Mitchell Hamline Law Journal of Public Policy and Practice: Vol. 38, Article 2. Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point_ Why a Return

Research Should Influence Sex Offender Laws

Lawmakers have long treated sex offenses as different from other crimes, but the recent legislation known as Sex Offender Registration and Notification has drastically changed the way sex offenders are managed in the community upon release from prison. Specifically, these laws require the sex offenders to immediately report to the local police department upon prison release in order to register as a sex offender. This means providing information like name, address, phone number, employment, marital history, criminal history and license plate number, along with a DNA sample and a list of contacts. These registration laws also place restrictions on where sex offenders can live; for example, they are not permitted to live within a certain distance of parks, schools, day care centers, etc. Continue readingResearch Should Influence Sex Offender Laws

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