They are only thoughts. It may have happened in the past, but it may never happen in the future. Everyday Mindfulness #mindfulness

The Adam Walsh Act wrongly preserves past mistakes made by many sex offenders in perpetuity regardless of anything. Neither the amount of responsibility accepted by the offender, the amount of counseling and work at self-discovery, repair, and change by the offender, nor the act of repentance by the offender have any bearing on future mistakes, offenses, or repetition. There is also the veracity of some allegations that some have faced and are forced to live with due to the nature of our criminal justice system.

Yet these efforts nor the authenticity of allegations do not matter in the eyes of the government who created this law nor the officials who carryout enforcement of this law. This in effect relegates the offender with a lifetime of second-class citizenship with no means of redemption into society as a functioning and productive member. It ignores the likelihood of recidivism, the efforts of the offender at rehabilitation, nor the professional opinions of the evaluator in the therapeutic setting.

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