In Depth Guide to our Federal Court System

supreme court of US
US Supreme Court

Click the link below or the picture to the left to read this 50 page explanation of our country’s court system. Available as a downloadable PDF file.

Understanding the Federal Courts

Read about the constitutional founding of the US judicial branch of government in Article III of the US Constitution. Who creates federal courts, other than the Supreme Court? What roles does the Executive Branch play in the Federal Courts? What is the public’s rights to access the federal courts?

These and many more answers are covered in this document. This report covers the following topics about our Federal Court System:

  • Constitution and the Federal Judiciary
  • The Federal Courts in American Government
  • Structure of the Federal Courts
  • Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts
  • United States Judges
  • Federal Judicial Process in Brief
  • Federal Judicial Administration
  • Judicial Conference of the United States and National Administration
  • Judiciary Budget
  • Commonly Asked Questions about the Federal Judicial Process
  • Common Legal Terms
  • About the Administrative Office of the United States Courts

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