Recently, a reader posted the following response to a blog post:

all I see is studies from the 1990’s till 2005? It’s 2019 where are the studies from recent years? I don’t get this at all? I am a mother and my son is convicted of sexual assault. These convicted felons are not monsters? I don’t get our system. We need to change the laws!

Vicki replied:

You are correct ‘we’ need to change the laws, but it will take each and every person required to register and their families standing up and helping push back. There are many ways you can help, but you need to start by contacting your state representative and senator in Carson City and tell them how the laws and restrictions are affecting the family. Legislators tell us they hear from the families who want more laws to keep their family safe but they DON’T hear from the families of those required to register. That must change. Find your legislators here:

There are many good resources in this website that refute the political claims behind the Adam Walsh Act including but not limited to the offense verses risk assessment strategy of public safety. This law is a political response to a societal issue and is not a protective measure. It has been stated to actually reduce public safety, the top rationale behind AWA.

Please call your state representative and express your opposition to this bad law and ask them to support repealing the AWA from Nevada Revised Statutes. You can look-up your state representative here.

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