In this New York Public Radio podcast, THE TAKEAWAY for November 09, 2017, host Todd Zwillich talks with ProPublica reporter Ryan Gabrielson. In it he describes the mistaken information that gets injected into court cases that later turns out to be totally false. And worse, there is no mechanism to correct these instances of the court relying on information that turns out to be false at a future date. It is as if that once the false information is accepted into the court record, it is frozen as being truthful, regardless of mitigating evidence proving it wrong.

The interview with Ryan Gabrielson begins around minute 30:40

ProPublica conducted a review of 83 Supreme Court cases between 2011 and 2015. Reporters found seven errors that, in some cases, helped determine the outcome of a ruling. Ryan Gabrielson, a reporter for ProPublica covering the U.S. justice system, explains.

Link to TakeAway podcast for November 09, 2017

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