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Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons — Click Here

From the National Conference of State Legislatures — NCSL comes this state-by-state guide of the allowances for the restoration of voting rights. Two states, Maine and Vermont never restrict voting rights for felons. In fourteen states and the District of Columbia, loss of voting rights is forfeited only during incarceration. The remaining 34 states have varying degrees of requirements for the restoration of a felon’s voting rights.

Follow this link to view this two-table presentation of the state-by-state requirements for restoration of voting priveledges.

Nevada’s rules for restoration of a felon’s voting rights, from the NCSL article shows the following:

First-time, non-violent offenders have rights restored upon completion of sentence. Those that have committed a violent crime or two or more felonies may petition a court to grant the restoration of civil rights (N.R.S. 213.157).Felon Voting Rights

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