W.A.R.’s Mission and Vision Statements

W.A.R.’s Vision for Change

The vision of this organization is to abolish the multiple Sex Offender Registries across this nation. Women Against Registry also seeks to restore Life, Health and Freedom to all individuals who have been injured by the requirements of registration, especially innocent family members.

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Vision Statement from Women Against Registry

W.A.R.’s Mission Statement — Repeal Unfair and Unjust Laws

Through peaceful demonstrations, civic forums, media programs, personal accounts and political events, we will attempt to educate society about the severe cost and complete beneficial void of maintaining federal, state, county, and municipal sex offender registries across this nation.The monumental costs associated with registries include monitoring, maintenance, and manpower for law enforcement organizations; the outrageously high cost of incarceration; the loss of millions of dollars in tax revenue, the truly false sense of neighborhood security; and by far, the most devastating cost of all is the loss of freedom, security, health and safety for the families associated in some way to this grand injustice.In addition, families who are trying to support their loved ones under trying circumstances, are being forced to pay outlandish commissary, phone, and travel fees.

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Mission Statement from Women Against Registry

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