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From Variety Magazine Online

December 11, 2019 By: GENE MADDAUS

Harvey Weinstein is close to a $25 million settlement that would resolve most of the civil litigation against him, including a broad class action case accusing him and his board of directors of a systemic pattern of sexual misconduct.

The general terms of the agreement have been in place for several months, though it has taken time to resolve the details. Under the deal, the insurance companies for the Weinstein Co. would pay the victims with the most serious claims $500,000 apiece. A larger pool of claimants would split the balance of the funds. The deal was first reported by the New York Times.

The deal, which has been hammered out with the assistance of the New York attorney general’s office, must still be approved by the judge overseeing the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy case.

Variety Magazine article

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If you have access to The New York Times, here is a link to their article about this tentative settlement agreement between Weinstein and his victims.

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