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Be Okay with Yourself!

We are very much emotional creatures;

  • love — hate
  • happy — sad
  • energized — depressed
and so on. Learning to keep our emotions in check can go a long way in leading a happier life. We may have many hurdles to jump over, many challenges thrown our way. Looking backwards will not help us achieve our goal of maintaining a higher level of happiness in our lives.

Resourcefulness means being hungry to achieve something worthy of our life. Hunger in the form of drive and passion to accomplish something we determine to be of great important to ourselves means a better chance of success. We need to find ways to remove the habit of looking backwards into the past or we may become doomed to repeat our past mistakes. Looking forward towards our futures, being grateful for what we have, even if it isn’t everything we want, will help us to better focus more of our efforts into moving towards a brighter future.

Having a clear thought-out strategy – developing a strategy, modifying this strategy as need – is an important step in developing our personal arsenal of resourcefulness. Coming up with the right strategy to accomplish things in life is a good idea. Finding that specific way to do something to reach our goals and that gets us there by the best and quickest means adds to this resourcefulness depot.

Do the right thing at the right time. Get help if you cannot come up with a good strategy. Then, correct your story. Have a good self-story to tell yourself and the world. Add value to other people’s lives and you will find plenty of support in your life. Hard work at making your story the best it can be, even with all of your short-comings, fears, and negativities will help create that drive to be a resourceful person.

Identify your successes and learn what went right. Change your story when negativity rules. Change it so that the story is the person you want to be. Change the state of your story. Decide to make decisions based on the state of your story. Correct or stay the course? You will know what is needed if you listen to your inner voice. If we are depressed, check our story and change it back to be on course we set. If we are happy, focus on that part of our story and develop this focus. Focus by identifying what is and what is not in our control. Control your own focus, not the latest sensational focus of the moment you are in, control what you can control not what you cannot control.

Stay focused on what you currently have, not what you do not have. Have gratitude for what we have now and focus on what we want to attain in the future. Focus on the future goals you want to achieve while living in the present. Give meaning to what our focus is on. Correct a problem, change the negativity, accept the challenge. Today is truly the beginning of the rest of your life so stay focused on this and not on the past and the mistakes we made. Don’t forget them but use them for focus of where you want to be. Be your own tower of power of positive change toward future happiness. Decide to move forward. Growth begins within.

A Concerned Friend Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful. Jeff Bezos — CEO Amazon.com

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