Visit Women Against Registry Class Action Lawsuit FAQs

WAR Class Action Lawsuit FAQs

Q: Who is behind this initiative?
A: A group of registrants, family members, and believers in due process.
Q: What is the premise of the law suit on behalf of registrants?
A: Even though the laws impacting us are passed by the state and federal legislatures we will be asking the courts to rule on “the law!”

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2 thoughts on “Class Action Law Suit on Behalf of Registered Sex Offenders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. The registry has been a major albatross around my neck. I’m a single dad and struggling to get over the embarrassment of trying to find a wife that will accept a registered sex offender. The worst part is I’m not even guilty of the crime. Can I join the law suit? and if so how?
    I also want mention the fact once labeled a sex offender one automatically labeled a pedophile as well and they are two different people.

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