In this LinkedIn article written by Women Against Registry founder, Vicki Henry, we see that many citizens are not aware of the realities of the sex offender registry system.

If only each time I educate someone on the street, in a cab, in an airport, on an elevator, at the mailbox the response is overwhelmingly – I didn’t know!

When a registered citizen answers a doorbell or knock by asking who it is they have been shot through the door and killed….I didn’t know.

Children have been passed over for higher education opportunities due to their mom or dad being a registered citizen…..I didn’t know.

Persons required to register have had their life insurance cancelled due to their registry status…..I didn’t know.

Children of a registered citizen are not welcomed at private schools….I didn’t know.

Families having a loved one required to register are asked to leave their church…..I didn’t know.

93% of sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone known to the victim according to study by Dr. Jill Levenson….I didn’t know that.

To get ahead of sexual abuse there are organizations such as ‘Stop It Now’ that teach in their Circles of Safety age-appropriate ways to stay safe and teaches parents how to begin and maintain an open dialog with their children to enable them to intervene when someone is making them feel unsafe and parents will recognize what ‘grooming’ looks like…..I didn’t know that.

Now they know. Education is key.

LinkedIn Article by Vicki Henry

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