W.A.R. founder Vicki Henry talks about this movement, and its reform efforts in this audio podcast.

Vicki Henry talks about Sex Offenders and our broken legal system.

Vicki Henry speaks in this podcast about the broken sex offender laws and system. Listen here to this talk about reform, W.A.R. and the urgent need for change in the way we look at sex crimes, offender treatment, and the false hope of protections that the current system fails to deliver to our citizens.

It Could Be You podcast with Vicki Henry.

Other countries have look at the issues in a more enlightened and rational approach in the areas of prevention, punishment, and treatment strategies. Canada and European nations have used current brain and psychological advances in this field of societal importance. Why aren’t we, in the U.S., not willing to put aside our need for punishment to look at this problem with deliberate use of modern science and truly best practice?

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  1. So I don’t want to discount what you do as far as trying to bring attention to the issue. I know some attorneys also try like Janice Bellucci. However the attorneys aren’t interested in really helping anyone, it’s really about filling a legal niche. If they were interested in helping they would fundraise and donate time rather than charging massive fees that the average registrant can’t simply even contemplate affording.

    So far in my life, I have endured not only public scrutiny and difficulty with housing and employment. But, many other insane issues. I was held hostage with my adult son and his friend on my own property. We were shot at, my parents were kept out of the area by a mob. I have had members of the public stalk me and threaten me. Threaten my friends and family.

    Most recently I was blamed by some YouTuber and his associates of participation in the murder of a young man. Despite law enforcement telling the public they already had the perpetrator. This guy continues to follow me. He has made horrible videos making fun of Trans individuals posing as a “Tranny Troll” he calls Tay Tay. This is due to my friend who is the fire chief having a trans child. He has also threatened the life of his wife and as a result of his videos the Fire Chief has had his life threatened almost daily. The man stalks my parents and flies a drone over there house to harass them as well. The man has called the law enforcement offices and tried to force them to make me move. Of course I have always called law enforcement officers during these scary attacks. They NEVER do anything to help me, no they act as co-conspirators to the perpetrator by questioning me and searching my home. I have lost employment as a result and side work. I have nearly lost my home!

    Unless I have tens of thousands of dollars there isn’t a lawyer on the planet that will help punish and sue these individuals. Soon I expect this individual who is currently threatening and harassing me and has a history of gun violence, will succeed in his ultimate goal- to kill me. My parents and children will bury me and no one will care. Nothing will be done. At least it will finally be over. After ten years of this ongoing madness I am weary. I almost welcome the relief that at least in death I will no longer be on the registry.

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