Nevada Senate Bill 8 – SB8 – once again is trying to revive the lifetime supervision of sex offenders.

Watch the video recordings of the hearings on March 18, 2019 by the senate judiciary committee in this unbelievable attempt to circumvent the United States and Nevada Constitutions. To watch online, click the button below.

Here is the second committee hearing video recording from April 5, 2019 – click the button below.

Read the overview and view other links on SB8 Overview by clicking the button below.

Image by Patrick Neufelder from Pixabay

1 thought on “Lifetime Supervision Revisited Again

  1. This bill is more disgusting than a sex crime, it is allowing prison guards and doctors to experiment on our people through “unlimited” medication. I am appalled by Hitler’s 1000 year Reich living on without challenge in AMERICA! They know not what they do…just wait in the year 2045 when Mastectomy becomes the punishment for Adultry!

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