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Here is a link to an article describing the cases up for review by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court about SORNA challenges on the grounds that these laws do not actually provide public safety protections, do not actually prevent sexually violent crimes, nor allow for ex-offenders rights to liberty to be restored.

At the heart of the majority of cases is the latest iteration of the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act, or SORNA, which evolved out of the original Megan’s Law. When SORNA took effect at the end of 2012, it greatly expanded the law, increasing the list of offenses subject to registration and notification — including a handful that are not sexual in nature — and imposing more stringent registration and notification rules.

Marcus said that after “decades of trial, mountains of empirical evidence and close to one million people around the country being denied their rights to liberty and their reputation,” no hard evidence exists that the public is any safer or that assaults have been prevented.

Article – The Philadelphia Inquirer

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