Playing With Fire?

Liberals Courted Neil Gorsuch’s Vote to Strike Down a Terrible Sex Offender Law [caption id="attachment_845" align="alignleft" width="300"] Click image to read the article.[/caption] During Tuesday’s oral arguments in Gundy v. United States at the Supreme Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch name-dropped an unusual ally: the American Civil Liberties Union. Gorsuch asked Jeffrey Wall, the principal deputy solicitor general, to respond to an argument in the ACLU’s amicus brief on...

Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point

Rose, Justin P. (2017) "Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point: Why a Return to an Individualized Approach and a Restoration of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Will Better Serve the Governmental Goals of Registration and Protect Individual Liberties from Unnecessary Encroachments," Mitchell Hamline Law Journal of Public Policy and Practice: Vol. 38, Article 2. Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point_ Why a Return

Sex Offender Regime

[embed][/embed]   Dr Roger N Lancaster is professor of Gender/Sexuality, Culture and Political Economy, Crime and Punishment, American Studies, Latin America at George Mason University. Solitary Nation Podcast is a media outlet focusing on criminal justice reform efforts. Matt Duhamel is a reporter turned activist creating independent films focusing on sex offender registry and criminal justice reform.

Ending Mass Incarceration

[caption id="attachment_537" align="alignnone" width="640"] Prison[/caption] Vera Institute of Justice has a wealth of information through their project, Ending Mass Incarceration. It is divided into four action areas, as follows. Reducing the Use of Jails Treatment not Jail Bail and Pretrial Stories and Data Promoting Racial Equality in Prosecution Local Models Bringing Dignity to Life Behind Bars Higher Education Reimagining Prison Solitary Confinement Lessons from Abroad Sexual Assault Young Adults...

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