“The registries should be for true predators and repeat offenders.”

The number of Tier 3 offenders jumped from around 300 to more than 3,000 with the change. Now, even Tier 1 offenders will be publicly identified.
While well-intentioned, this is where the Nevada law and others like it run off the rails due to an often overly broad definition of a sex offense. Stupid and often youthful indiscretions such as public urination or mooning could theoretically land a people on sex offender registries for decades or even for life, jeopardizing their ability to find jobs or places to live.

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1 thought on “EDITORIAL: Registering sex offenders

  1. A profound statement that some may not agree with; “The registries should be for true predators and repeat offenders”. But, if these registries were truly about public safety then this is exactly what they would do, by design. The current system of increasing restrictions on the whole lot included in this category does not promote safer neighborhoods but increases public fear all around. Most on the registries are not repeat sex offenders nor are the majority sexual predators. Therefore the registry must meet another need in our society, what I like to call, having a class of people that fulfill the role of bogeymen and bogeywomen! Playing with scare tactics and calling it for public safety is a potential dangerous disservice to the same public by possibly hiding the true sociopath deeper in our mists until something breaks and all hell breaks loose.

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