Elimination of Lifetime Registration for Some

Arizona lawmakers weigh elimination of lifetime sex offender registration for some State lawmakers are weighing whether to give judges more leeway to eliminate the requirement that certain people register for life as sex offenders. As reported in this Tuscon.com article By Howard Fischer Capitol Media ServicesMar 28, 2019 Updated Mar 29, 2019

Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point

Rose, Justin P. (2017) "Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point: Why a Return to an Individualized Approach and a Restoration of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Will Better Serve the Governmental Goals of Registration and Protect Individual Liberties from Unnecessary Encroachments," Mitchell Hamline Law Journal of Public Policy and Practice: Vol. 38, Article 2. Where Sex Offender Registration Laws Miss the Point_ Why a Return

Conservatives Should Think Twice before Supporting Jeff Sessions

When President-elect Trump selected Alabama senator Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, many conservatives cheered. Immigration hardliners were thrilled to have one of their own in the position, while other conservatives saw Sessions as the type of dynamic presence needed to clean out the Stygian morass of President Obama’s Justice Department. “A sensible pick that promises to restore some integrity to a Justice Department tarnished by eight...

Ruling that allowed kids in sex offender’s home spurs lawmaker



LINCOLN — Reactions ranged from bewilderment to outrage over a Nebraska Supreme Court decision earlier this year that allowed two girls to remain in the home of a felony sex offender.

And the decision set a clear precedent, said Brandon Brinegar, the Kearney lawyer who represented the biological father who had tried to remove the girls from the sex offender’s residence. Brinegar said lawmakers would have to act to prevent similar rulings in the future.

That’s just what a state senator from Omaha intends to do in the upcoming session of the Legislature.

“I wouldn’t want my kids subjected to that environment,” State Sen. Brett Lindstrom said this week. “That just doesn’t sit well with me, and it just seems like it’s something we should do to protect kids.”

The senator has drafted a bill that could make it harder for a parent who wants to live with a convicted sex offender to maintain custody of his or her children.

The proposal is in response to an August ruling by the state’s high court that left the two girls in the home of their stepfather, even though he had served a prison term for sexually assaulting a different 15-year-old stepdaughter from a previous marriage. The court ruled against the biological father, who had attempted to remove the girls from the living situation in a small community in south-central Nebraska.

The current law presumes a child is at risk when a felony sex offender occupies the same residence. But it also allows the parent who chooses to live with a sex offender to present evidence that mitigates the risk.

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Nevada court ruling gives state authorities trouble with tracking sex offenders

RENO, Nev. (News 4) — The state is having a hard time keeping track of its most heinous sex offenders because of a new Nevada Supreme Court ruling. Parole and Probation tracks 6,000 sex offenders in the state, with 1,000 on lifetime supervision. Staff make sure they're registered as required by law -- they confirm their address and make sure the offenders have no contact with their victims. http://mynews4.com/on-your-side/nevada-court-ruling-gives-state-authorities-trouble-with-tracking-sex-offenders

EDITORIAL: Registering sex offenders

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL "The registries should be for true predators and repeat offenders." The number of Tier 3 offenders jumped from around 300 to more than 3,000 with the change. Now, even Tier 1 offenders will be publicly identified. While well-intentioned, this is where the Nevada law and others like it run off the rails due to an often overly broad definition of a sex offense. Stupid and...

Sex offenders challenge Nevada supervision law

Las Vegas Review Journal Article By Carri Geer Thevenot, Las Vegas Review-Journal / Posted August 25, 2015 - 6:38pm More than a dozen sex offenders are challenging the Nevada Parole Board's authority to impose conditions on their lifetime supervision. The offenders, identified only as Does 1-16, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against several state and local officials, including Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. "The state of Nevada should...

50 State Survey of Relief From Sex Offender Registration

COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES RESOURCE CENTER 50-state survey of relief from sex offender registration By Margaret Love May 14, 2015 We have prepared a new 50-state chart detailing the provisions for termination of the obligation to register as a sex offender in each state and under federal law. This project was inspired by Wayne Logan’s recent article in the Wisconsin Law Review titled “Database Infamia: Exit from the Sex Offender...

A Defender Office for Supreme Court Advocacy?

By Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson, Bloomberg BNA An “independent federal public defender office charged with representing poor defendants before the United States Supreme Court” is necessary to fill gaps in legal services to the poor and “better balance the scales of justice between the government and the defendants,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said earlier this month. Booker introduced the Clarence Gideon Full Access to Justice Act, S. 3144, July...

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