Link to the study: 2016-Grand-Challenge-Registry-Reform

homeless youth in concrete pipe

In this report by prominent social work scholars, we learn some of the failures of the current state of and future expansions to National SORN laws. They have not lived up to their claim to increasing public safety and in fact have contributed to less public safety on a few levels, according to the research into the effectiveness of registries across the country.

Some of the key recommendations to reform and improve our efforts at public safety are, from the report, as follows:

  1. Juveniles Should Not be Subject to Sex Offender Registration
  2. Registration Durations should be Guided by Research
  3. Procedures for Relief and Removal from Registries should be Available
  4. Discretion should be Returned to Judges
  5. Residence Restrictions should be Abolished

Read this insightful report to see for yourself many of the failures of the current SORN requirements at managing RSO’s.

Link to the study: 2016-Grand-Challenge-Registry-Reform

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