The murder of a Nebraskan, a registered citizen, is being portrayed as an act of protection in this Omaha World Herald article.

Murder, the taking of another human life, even during a conflict of declared war, is still a crime. It is no different then rape or sexual assault. In this Nebraska case where a registered citizen was shot and killed in his own home by a vigilante who claims he was acting in the interest of future children the murdered victim potentially could victimize is a ludicrous justification for cold-blooded, premeditate murder. His ex-wife’s support is equally disturbing given that the article states that she is psychologist.

If the same logic that is being implied here were to be applied to this murderer, he has a propensity towards vigilante violence and is innately a murderer and will probably murder a human being again at some future point in time. How many more times will he commit murder and when will this man, with his propensity to murder, commit his next murder?

These are the standards by which he has justified his actions against a former felon convicted of a sex crime. It also suggest that he has supporters saying that this registered citizen is less deserving of life than a murderer. We should stop playing god now. If this person was sure to commit another sex crime, was not treatable as the ex-wife claims, as was by nature going to do it again then it is not a far stretch to state that this murderer is inherently a violent killer subject to committing future murders.

This article published in the Omaha World Herald is a biased accounting of a murder of a citizen by an other citizen using the sex offender registry to vet his victims. Even if the system failed society and the sex offender has not been rehabilitated through proper physiological procedures, what the murder did is not a justifiable act but is a serious crime in most jurisdictions. And, this is rightfully so because vigilante justice has no place in our society unless the desired outcome is to destabilize a community under a banner of protection.

I also see from the murdered victim’s daughter’s published statement that her father never receive treatment just points to the failure of the current system of punitive justice over prevention, punishment over effective treatment options, and the resultant believe by some that vigilante justice is the answer. Early intervention through the education system would be a better approach in the issues surrounding sex crimes.

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