According to this The Nevada Independent article, many ex-offenders can have their right to vote restored.

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Although not as severe as states including Florida, Nevada’s laws restricting ex-felons’ rights to vote are among the harsher rules in the country. As of 2016, there were nearly 90,000 people in Nevada who couldn’t vote because of a conviction — about 4 percent of the voting age population and a critical figure considering Nevada’s status as a battleground state with close races.
Many Ex-Felons in Nevada can regain the right to vote

The harshest critic in Nevada is Republican Assemblyman Ira Hansen and stated in 2017:

There is an assumption that I need to dispute: that they have paid their debt to society,” Republican Assemblyman Ira Hansen said in a 2017 hearing. “If you ask the private citizen in Nevada if these people have paid their debt entirely, they would say no. Part of that debt is giving up the right to vote until they show that they can be in society and reintegrate into that process.
The Nevada Independent article

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